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By selecting small specialty contractors you are given the opportunity to directly communicate, interact with, and have your projects performed by principals, project managers, and a staff that is easy to become familiar with.  These will be the people who have committed to providing you with quality service on your project.  We recognize that others may offer similar technical approaches to project execution. However, we have appropriately placed the emphasis and lead responsibility for client interfacing and quality control on the team members performing the surveys.

Boundary Surveys/Monuments

Our field crew will search out, locate and compute the location of the found monuments. Our P.L.S. will analyze the found monuments and all other evidence of the true boundary lines and compute the boundary location. We then will go to the field and set any missing corners or angle points in the boundary. We then will prepare and file a record of survey of the set monuments with the appropriate county surveyor.

Topographic Surveys

Topographical surveys are surveys that show all the physical features of a tract of land.  They can also have contouring shown to allow the user to calculate drainage and/or run-off of the site.  Using feature codes and other CADD standards that apply to the manner in which field data is collected to supply these surveys normally to engineers, architects, and managers to plan for future development or to determine drainage, dirt quantities, and elevations.  

Construction Surveys

A construction survey is to layout on the ground the improvements that are shown on a set of construction plans.  This could include staking of building corners, location and elevation of a new sewer or storm sewer line, the location and elevation of any type of concrete to be poured (roads, driveways, curbs, etc).  These surveys are normally required by engineers, architects, construction companies, and developers.  Our staked points will be set within two hundredths of a foot in relationship to the calculated points position.

Tom Nelson and Associates provides all of your land surveying and mapping solutions:


■ Boundary Surveys


■ Monuments


■ Topographic Surveys


■ Construction Surveys


■ ALTA Surveys


■ Wireless Facility



And much more...

Wireless Facility Surveys

Wireless communications facilities, including antenna systems and tower structures.

ALTA Surveys

American Land Title Association - The ALTA survey is required so that title companies can insure the title to land without exceptions.  ALTA surveys are normally required by lenders or buyers of large tracts or expensive properties.  An ALTA survey is the most comprehensive survey that can be done by a surveyor.


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